Ask the Scarfed Silhouette

-no longer gives a crap-




((Since it seems like the community is dying out, would anyone object if I came up with an event for everyone to participate in? I don’t really have any ideas at the moment, but I was hoping it might reinvigorate us all.))

OoC: I’m up for it.

((I would, it would be a good opportunity to get to know everyone))

((Go for it if you like, but I wouldn’t say that the community is dying out. Lets remember that just because not as many people are active lately means they left us, it just means life is a bitch and college most likely is a huge part on their absence.. If anything just wait till summer, then you might see more people showing up again~)) 

(Oh, hi Sicaro, how you been?) -tilts head- (A dagger? Um.. no I believe I haven’t, sorry. You say you lost it here, right? Well don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll show up real soon! Tell you what, I’ll be happy to give you a hand looking for it~)


"I traded one of my ham legs for this new product this guy had called Akreelick paint. It’s not as light as my watery color paints so I had a bit of a hard time using it, so I decided to paint people instead"

((This are sooooo damn cute omg what program is this? I love them all! >u< ))


draw this few days ago, using a friends wifi and its Linnea in Summer clothing and Flame Elemental Scarfy with flambo

((They are both super cute and omg love flame Scarfy and little flambo! <3))

(But I don’t have fangs…. I think you must be mistaking me for someone else, dear anon.)

((Happy munday guys! Since I don&#8217;t have time to take a selfie, here&#8217;s a picture of my cat, Pico, with her little babbu: Snow, Junior AND Scarfy~))

((Happy munday guys! Since I don’t have time to take a selfie, here’s a picture of my cat, Pico, with her little babbu: Snow, Junior AND Scarfy~))



"Say, Scarfy, you have something on your shoulder…"



"You better take a look at this."




"I’d better look under your cloak, there could be more of these…"




"How does it look?"

(Oh? What is this~? New friendly cloaks I see! Hi there~! My name is Scarfy! I do hope we can be friends!)



For Scarfy!Mod who sent me her hoodie munday pic!

((leksrbgek this is too adorable I love it so much thank you!! <3))