Ask the Scarfed Silhouette

(H-HEY! What do you think you’re doing?! Give me back my cloak!!!)

((Guys, wayfarerpompom is obviously feeding on our rage right now because they are some kind of troll who think getting us all riled up is funny. I am very damn annoyed right now because I know I have fell for whatever stupid plan they have, so I recommend that we all just drop the subject and just show love to Honey through her ask or whatever. ))



[I ask for a drawing of my CLOTH character from someone who is obviously a decent artist and what do I get? EARS. It’s so obvious she didn’t even TRY. Seriously what is the obsession with wayfarers looking like CATS?! THAT WASN’T IN THE GAME.
And then she emos about it. Wtf?
Also if I hear another Japanese phrase I will projectile vomit on whoever said it.

((Oh my fucking god, please tell me you are joking… You can’t possibly be so damn rude to someone who did you the favor of drawing your oc! I saw the drawing, and I thought it was damn cute and nice of them to do, only for you to practically diss it and make her feel bad? Can you be any more ungrateful? Plus where are the cat ears? Can you point them out for me? Because all I saw was the usual hood shape wayfarers tend to have. As for the japaneses, who cares? Many have gone through that phase before and again who cares? Now stop whining like a 14 year old yourself and either accept that she did you kindness for taking her time to drawing you something or gtfo because we will not tolerate your rudeness.)) 

(Anyone want some tasty vitamin c filled oranges?)

(Is this cuter for you?)

(….And you’re telling me this why?)

-looks up when he felt someone patting his head to see a very tall and pretty ancestor besides him- (O-oh! I did not see you there. Hello there miss!)

(Well they are filled with lots of flavor and vitamin C. I guess that is pretty magical~)

(I’m truly sorry to hear this, but I understand what you’re going through… The thing is, people have been journeying for 2 years now none stop, and well as time goes on people just seem to either lose interest or their journeys just lead them to other things and places.. Also most of the people who still partake on it don’t seem to care too much about the journey itself, so they just tend to rush without a care for those who wish to join them or not. It’s really sad, but that’s how life sometimes works… Don’t give up though. There are still a few of those who would love to play and travel with you. You just got to be patient.)

((Hey guys! I know it’s not really necessary since everyone has been busy themselves, but I wanted to let you guys know that I will be a bit quiet during the weeks because of college and stuff. I may get something out once or twice a weekend depending on the mood, but yeah just letting you guys know!))